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Born in Toronto, Canada to a deaf family and was raised in American Sign Language environment. David currently resides in London, Ontario, Canada with his ASL  enriched family.  He enjoys activities such camping, traveling and attempting to play golf.  With ASL, he has taught ASL for the past 27+ years as an employee, self-employed and volunteer. He has done so at many different settings such as high-schools in Dallas, Texas (ONLINE), several universities, government agencies, and several non-profit organizations. He has an education background, Bachelor of Arts in Deaf Studies (2010) and a Master of Arts in Sign Language Teaching (2012), both from Gallaudet University, Washington, DC, USA. With Skyhands, he is currently running as a full-time CEO, consultant, teacher, mentor, and interpreter in many different settings.  He considers Skyhands as a fun and ever challenging experience and is looking forward to be a part of Skyhands for many, many more years.

Skyhands ASL Services is a company that was founded and licensed as a legal business after receiving numerous requests in the spring of 2012. Skyhands serves to just about anyone to accomodate and develop American Sign Language. To name a few, requests such as consultation, coaching, tutoring, classes, seminars, workshops, presentations, and family communication. We have also worked with numerous organizations, agencies, and institutions.  We are proud to be a partner and sponsoring with CDEAF, Centre of Deaf Education & Accessibility Forum, Mental Health at King's University College, University of Western Ontario.  Our Skyhands office are based in London, Canada and we strive to grow regionally to provide live services regionally and to provide online services to just about anywhere in the world.  In spite of running for several years now, we continue to strive in our non-harmony challenges with our everyday reality and society where we live. Our company envision in building bridges between cultures and language, by educating others, to increase  prosperity within our American Sign Language community. We are experiencing continuous expansion and are hiring to expand further in several cities.

David S. Wiesblatt, MA 

Chief Executive Officer

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